“Experiencing inAtalent, volunteer perspective – Iresh Anarkat

Technology, smart phones, tablets, social media, privacy and security are easy for today’s generation to understand but at the same time difficult to cope up with. Just imagine, how hard it would be for our senior citizens. I realized this fact when I was answering the questions of my grandparents.
I was thinking there might be several other senior citizens who might be facing similar questions and/or challenges but how would I be able to help them? I got the opportunity to help them through the InATalent organization to participate in volunteering activities, including teaching technology to senior citizen at Sunnyvale Senior Community center. I cannot describe the joy and satisfaction, I get when I see sparks and smiles on Senior citizens face when they learn something new about technology.
I am currently in 8th grade ( Cupertino Middle school) and I am a proud volunteer at InATalent since last 2+ years. I am very happy to give back my talent to the community. If you have a talent in either technology, Arts, Music, Dance, or just want to help people, join InATalent!
Iresh Anarkat

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