Experiencing inAtalent, volunteer perspective – Arnav Rathee

I find that when helping out with technology programs, the problems that are seen by the volunteers are so varied that sometimes three or four people can go about trying to fix someone’s problem until it is done, but in doing so, the group of volunteers feels more like a team. The way that people come to the class with their problems and, more often than not, find them fixed at the end, makes it very enjoyable to help out. Seeing people leave happily, having learned something new and knowing how to fix their problem on their own is satisfying because it proves that you are capable of teaching meaningful things to those who may need them. If someone comes to you and needs to know how to make a contact on their cell phone, and you let them know and they leave with the knowledge required to make a contact on their cell phone, you show yourself that you are capable of relaying information. This feeling of satisfaction and knowing that you can solve someone’s problem are incentives to keep returning to help out, and it is a benefit not only for myself but for those around me as well.






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