Proud recipients of Cupertino CREST award

inAtalent is a proud recipient of Cupertino CREST award under the category of “organization of the year” for 2018.   Many families have helped this organization grow in ways that are not only experienced at senior centers, but at schools, rehabs, as well as workshops.    With the support of parents, community leaders, and star volunteers… inAtalent continues to evolve and share as well as care in new and ‘talented’ ways.    May the inAtalent family continue to grow and touch the lives of many and share what’s inAtalent.

San Miguel took special notice by thanking the volunteers of inAtalent for going above and beyond volunteering efforts by not only sharing talents, but teaching the students as well.   From dancing to choreography, the children were engaged on a weekly basis in a fun and engaging manner.     inAtalent is greatly thankful for the recognition and thanks received from the students and leadership from the San Miguel School for experiencing what’s inAtalent.



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