Volunteer List

We are proud to have many volunteers join in our journey to spread joy utilizing their talents.  It is the team of this talented and skilled individuals that defines us as well as distinguishes us.  The list keeps growing as new talents join us.  If you would like to join our ever growing community, please send an email to inatalent@gmail.com or fill out this form and we will be notified.   You can also send us a message via our Facebook page or request to join our volunteer group on Facebook here.

Volunteer Name Talent/Skill
Aaina Aroda Dance – Indian Classical, Kathak
Abhishek Dance – Bollywood
Abitha Devendran Dance – Bollywood
Aditi Chhangani Dance – Indian Classical, Kathak
Aditi Khare Dance – Bollywood
Ahaan Shetty Dance – Bollywood
Akiro Piano
Akshit Drums
Anika Dance and Singing
Anisha Saboo Singing
Anusha Ranade Dance – Bollywood
Anushe Khan Dance – Indian Classical, Kathak
Anushka Tadikonda Violin Playing and Tap Dancing
Anya Agarwal Dance – Bollywood
Anya Jagtiyani Piano
Arnav Aggarwal Dance – Bollywood
Ayush Anarkat Photography
Ayushi Borthakur Dance – Bollywood
California Nupur Dance Academy Students
Danielle Singing
Darpan Khanna Dance – Bollywood
Deepti Vanvari Dance – Bollywood
Dhyuti Dance- Indian Classical, bharatnatyam
Diya Soodan Dance –  folk
Drishti Gupta Dance – Indian Classical, Kathak
Gorisha runthala Dance –  folk
Hiya Bhatia Dance – Bollywood
Iresh Anarkat Photography
Isha Dance- Indian Classical, bharatnatyam
Ishana Narayanan Dance- Indian Classical, bharatnatyam
Jaspreet Bhatia Dance – Folk
Jeeviak Dance – Indian Classical, Odyssey
Kanika Bhatia Dance – Bollywood
Leena Chandra Overall Volunteering
Loveleen Ahuja Dance – Bollywood
Manasa Nagaraj Dance- Indian Classical, bharatnatyam
Manisha Anarkat Overall Volunteering
Mehek Bhargava Dance – Indian Classical, Kathak
Mihika Dance – Indian Classical, Kathak
Poonam Grover Dance – Bollywood
Prisha Dance – Indian Classical, Kathak
Rasika Krishnan Singing
Rishabh Mahesh Iyer Dance – Bollywood
Riya Yadav Dance – Bollywood
Sachi Singing
Sanskriti Chandra Dance – Bollywood
Sanya Banka Dance – Bollywood
Shagun Srivastava Dance – Indian Classical, Kathak
Shraddha Khanna Dance – Bollywood
Shriya Jagad Dance – Indian Classical, Kathak
Shweta Sharma Overall Volunteering
Sia Gulati Dance – Bollywood
Simran Chehil Dance- Indian Classical, bharatnatyam
Smayan Srikanth Singing
Sonali Goel Dance – Bollywood
Srinjoyi Roy Chowdhary Dance – Indian Classical, Kathak
Sriya Sthanikam Dance
Students – Bharatnatyam school Dance – Indian Classical, Bharatnatyam
Students – Dance Dil Se Bollywood dance school Dance – Bollywood
Students – Dhoom Bollywood group Dance – Bollywood
Students – Swasti’s school of Music Singing, tabla
Suvarna Sathe Dance- Indian Classical, bharatnatyam
Tanya Wanvari Dance – Bollywood
Veena Gowda Singing
Vaidehi Gokhale Singing
Viraj Ram Singing
Yasmin Nehar Dance – Bollywood