inAtalent is a 100% volunteer-driven organization comprised of more than 100 talented individuals. Our volunteers are extremely passionate about giving back to the community by utilizing their artistic talents.

Meet Our Team


Aaina Aroda

Founding Member

Cultural Chair

Aaina is an avid Kathak dancer that has been training to learn this intricate dance form since she was 4 years old. As she is completing the Kathak curriculum in its entirety, under her guru’s guidance, she decided to utilize her dancing skills to perform for audience that probably were not exposed to this dance style or would not necessarily be able to join in a big theaters to watch such as senior and assisted living residents and or rehab center residents. Aside from dancing, Aaina has strong creative interests, particularly in writing. Aaina has just graduated from The Kings Academy, a college preparatory high school and was the president of the debate club as well as the first ever principal’s liaison for her high school. She is now headed to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to begin further education in the fields of business and economics.

Shraddha Khanna

Director Cultural Committee

 Shraddha is currently a sophomore at Cupertino High School. She has been learning Bollywood dance since the age of three and is currently practicing the dance form of jazz.She is also part of the dance team at her high school, Tino Dhadkan, and participates in the school’s Color Guard team. Now, she invests her time by teaching dance to children. She has lead her dance group to many victories in various competitions and continues to explore new dance styles. Shraddha is an active member of the National Honor Society, through which she devotes several hours to her community and she utilizes her talent to bring joy to senior citizens via the platform of InAtalent.

Meha Gaba

Founding member

(Evergreen San Jose)

Cultural Chair

Meha is an 8th grader at Basis Independent Silicon Valley. Meha has been learning Kathak and Vocal music ever since she was a toddler. She regularly participates in many musicals and dramas around bay area theater groups and at her school. InAtalent gave her the opportunity to put her talents and organization skills to use for a noble cause. Her grandma who has been chronically sick for last several years gave her the inspiration to start a new chapter of InAtalent in Evergreen San Jose. Meha also joined National Junior Honors Society to contribute even more to the community around her. In her little spare time Meha enjoys doing gymnastics and playing with her dog Ginger and her little brother Noni.

Kalpana Aroda

Founding Member


An avid communicator and passionate human being, Kalpana is a founding member of the non-profit inAtalent.  Kalpana holds a master’s degree in Microbio, extensive experience in the Program and Project Management space, a caring and driven mother, an amazing wife and friend to many.   Her passion lies in helping communities evolve, grow, and give back. Kalpana continues to bring quite a dynamic set of creative energies as well as relationships to the inAtalent vision, and hopes that it continues to warm the lives of many.   You may also find her behind the scenes project managing community events put on by groups like Dance Dil Se, Mile Sur Mera Tumara, political initiatives with Mayors and Council Members, as well as a host of growing number of social ventures. Her motto, come experience whats inAtalent seems to be synergizing with a growing number of groups.   And she hopes you find yours talents her too!

Deepti Vanvari

Founding Member


 Deepti works as a Controller of a Silicon Valley based IT consulting company and manages the Finance and Accounting department. Deepti is highly experienced and is a very passionate and detail oriented worker. Deepti has accomplished higher education in the field of accounting and commerce and she has also successfully completed the Uniform CPA examination. Deepti is a proud mother of two young boys and she loves spending time with her family playing games and watching Bollywood movies together. In her spare time she enjoys giving back to the community by helping Inatalent manage its finances.