inAtalent journey, reflection and future plans – “Memories in Making” fundraising dinner gala November 30th, 2019

Its been three years.  inAtalent is celebrating completion of three years with a big fundraising event with world renowned speed artist – Vilas Nayak.

inAtalent’s mission is to spread education and joy to the communities utilizing individual’s talents and provide a platform for a handshake between generations.

inAtalent is a 100% volunteer driven organization serving the senior communities primarily. Our goal is to provide a platform for generations to meet and learn from each other. We provide services in following three areas
1. Our volunteers provide service by teaching today’s technology to seniors. We have been holding regular “Technology and You” classes where volunteers help seniors understand different things about their smart phones or iPad or laptops. Currently these classes are running in two centers with plans to expand these to a few more in near future.
2. Our volunteers visit, rehab or assisted living facilities for
seniors and showcase a talent show. This show consists of individual’s talents such as  dancing, hip hop, instruments and singing. This variety show is put together by our volunteers for the residents who may not be at able to go out as much. During this one hour, volunteers take audiences through interactive fun journey making everyone smile and enjoy.
3. Our volunteers visit rehab and senior centers to create art projects with them. During this workshop we provide tools, materials and provide avenues to create projects and help expand their creativity and imagination.

Memories in Making, our very first fundraising event will help us expand our services beyond senior and assisted living. We are on the mission to create a common area with a concept of academy with the motto of “by generations for generations”. Creation of Academy will bring in some logistical expenses that we are in the process of collecting via different fundraisers. Expense will include setting labs for technology, classroom for variety of classes and purchasing equipment.
Come experience what’s inAtalent with us!
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