About Us

inAtalent is about passionate volunteers who have come together with the mission of spreading joy to the communities they live in. We provide leadership opportunities for personal growth by providing a platform to showcase an individual’s talent. In doing so we bring joy and laughter to those living in rehabilitation centers and assisted or senior living facilities.

Our Vision
People should have an option to learn and grow in their area of passion. As a result of utilizing their talents they give back to citizens who may not have the means to enjoy them otherwise.

What is Talent?
In the most general sense, talent is the sum of a person’s abilities, his or her intrinsic gifts, skills, knowledge, experience, intelligence, judgment, attitude, character and drive.  It also includes his or her ability to learn and grow.

What is Skill?
We value skills as an ability to do something well which comes from one’s knowledge, practice and aptitude.

What is Purpose?
Purpose is the aim to contribute to the well being of others. For some, purpose comes first by participating in activities they enjoy, only later realizing how their interests can benefit others.

What is inAtalent?
inAtalent is a platform to combine talents and skills to achieve a purpose of giving back to community.

Our Projects  

  • Give back by utilizing talents
    Entertaining Seniors, Assisted Living, Memory Patients and Rehab Center residents utilizing talents.
  • Educating
    Educate Seniors to use today’s technology such as social media to stay connected with their family and friends.
  • Teach Talents to Complete the Circle
    Teach kids from low income families a form of talent that they can then use to give back to community